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I’ve been thinking a lot about Jerusalem lately. Perhaps it’s because of the continued  terrorist violence the city is experiencing. Perhaps it’s because the world’s eyes will be intently watching Israel more and more during the end times. I will … Continue reading

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A Boy and His Plaid

What can I say about a young man and his plaid pleasure?! Perhaps it is because I dressed Michael in plaid when he was a baby! Perhaps it is because his Dad, Grandpa and three uncles all have worn plaid … Continue reading

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Creative Crisis vs. Creative Calm

A Creative Crisis: my thoughts are tempest tossed How would I define a creative crisis? What throws me into a panic and forces me into an adrenaline rush in order to seek a solution?  It’s after midnight and I have … Continue reading

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Keeper or Tosser?

I recently read a journal prompt: keeper or tosser? Ha! That’s an easy answer for me. It requires no thought. Immediately my fingers began to type. I am soooooo a keeper! In fact, after David and I were married, we visited his parents … Continue reading

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The Driskell Dames

Doyce Driskell, Ezzie Wheeler Driskell, Velma Driskell, 1934, Miami, Florida             Carrie, Ruth, Naomi and Martha Driskell about 1930, Forsyth Co., Georgia   My mother, Doyce, and my grandmother had gone to visit Aunt Velma after … Continue reading

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10 Things I Need for Creativity

This post is an exciting one for me. First, I’m writing about creativity and this is something dear to my creative soul! Secondly, I am participating in my first blog circle. We are a group of artists and writers who … Continue reading

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A Plethora of Paper

Yesterday I posted about the paper products we have enjoyed using during February. So as long as we’re talking paper, let’s talk about the beautiful pages I use for scrapbooking and art journaling. I love to organize the 12×12 paper … Continue reading

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