Where Do I Take the Next Step?

image.pngI remember walking so far one time my feet were numb. At first, they had been hurting…then throbbing…then no feeling at all! But in order to get to my destination, I had to keep walking! I would look down and see my feet moving. Surreal experience!

That’s what faith is to me. Sometimes I cannot feel what’s happening in life or I cannot understand it. But I take a look and realize I am still moving…and I’m doing it only because of the Lord’s strength.

What happens when a muscle is not used? The medical term is atrophy. The muscle degenerates and no longer can move.

Putting it in spiritual terms, I walk by faith even when the path seems impossible. I have no desire to experience spiritual atrophy.

I cannot see The Lord…but I keep walking.

I cannot see the path…but His Word lights it up.

I cannot walk by myself. It is then I realize the Holy Spirit is walking beside me.

And I continue the journey…one step after another…

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4 Responses to Where Do I Take the Next Step?

  1. Lisa Lampkin says:

    Yes!! Love this! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Teresa Barndt says:

    Very good analogy and use of trms that paint a picture. I always enjoy your writing, God blessed you with a rare, special talent


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