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One Sunday Morning

My dad worked six days a week and on the seventh day he rested! He was always excited to rise and shine early Sunday morning. He had polished our shoes the night before and set out his suit, shirt, and … Continue reading

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Hanging on to Memories

Some things begin to fade with time. But there are some memories that hang on like Spanish moss clinging to the oak trees. And I will remember my childhood with… Scorching hot beach sand burning my feet Chameleons darting between … Continue reading

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On the Street Where We Live

I’ve lived on this street for almost half  my life. Our children were born and raised here. Their childhood toys used to dot the backyard. I  heard the basketball bouncing late into the night as our son would shoot hoops … Continue reading

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A Boy and His Plaid

What can I say about a young man and his plaid pleasure?! Perhaps it is because I dressed Michael in plaid when he was a baby! Perhaps it is because his Dad, Grandpa and three uncles all have worn plaid … Continue reading

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What is Baseline?

After my husband’s brain surgeries, we were constantly asked by nurses, doctors and physical therapists, “Is this baseline?” I had never heard this except as a sports term. The player hits the ball and runs the baseline. When I researched … Continue reading

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Night Sounds

I am a collector! This means I am one who gathers things for fun. The categories in my collections include: scrapbooking, ancestry, photography, Nativity sets, teaching ideas, a myriad of categories within Pinterest…and I could continue! Several years ago, I … Continue reading

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A Grandmother’s Prayer

                      Ezzie was asked to pray in the evening church service. She wrote her prayer on a small piece of note paper. It is now yellowed with age, but her … Continue reading

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