The Driskell Dames

Driskell DamesDoyce Driskell, Ezzie Wheeler Driskell, Velma Driskell, 1934, Miami, Florida


Carrie, Ruth, Naomi, Martha (2)






Carrie, Ruth, Naomi and Martha Driskell about 1930, Forsyth Co., Georgia


My mother, Doyce, and my grandmother had gone to visit Aunt Velma after she had moved to Miami, Florida. It must have been a very happy time because they took quite a few pictures. I have a mother-of-pearl pin given to my grandmother during that visit.

The Forsyth County cousins were close to my mother throughout their lives. The girls are standing in front of the old Driskell homeplace where they grew up. If we could only turn the camera around, we would see the red clay yard where all six girls used to play and laugh! My mother fondly wrote about those memories in North Georgia.

Doyce Alline Driskell was born May 23, 1915. Had she lived, we would be celebrating her 98th birthday today! So in her memory, I am posting these old photographs.  I look at their faces and think about the treasured memories of all these Driskell women.

Doyce Driskell Lampkin (1915-2001), Velma Driskell Bennett (1911-1992), Mary Ezzie Wheeler Driskell (1882-1946)

Caribel Driskell (1912-1996), Ruth Driskell Floyd (1915-1995), Naomi Driskell Orr (1918-1983), Martha Jane Driskell Waldrip (1921-2003)


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2 Responses to The Driskell Dames

  1. Oh what a lovely way to celebrate your mother Ruth. What great pictures, and I’m glad you treasure them.


  2. I love the stories you share here about your family. It’s such a great way to keep those memories alive!


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