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Where Do I Take the Next Step?

I remember walking so far one time my feet were numb. At first, they had been hurting…then throbbing…then no feeling at all! But in order to get to my destination, I had to keep walking! I would look down and … Continue reading

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A Lifetime of Dreams

As a little girl, I learned to reach high to seek His direction for my steps. Those steps have taken me to beautiful places and filled my life with amazing memories! And now many, many years later, my steps are … Continue reading

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A Shocking Experience

Being the owner of his own successful tire business meant my dad had to work long hours. Six day weeks were common and many times after church on Sundays he would go check the business. The busiest work day was … Continue reading

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Acquainted with Grief In 1853 Adeline and Washington Driskell (my 2nd great grandparents)  buried Mary, their first baby. In 1856 Millie died two weeks after she was born. Marion died on his 2nd birthday in 1859. They buried one year … Continue reading

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The Broken Glass Dish

The plans for our lesson in children’s church called for me to show a chipped dish and a good dish. We were to completely break the broken one later. Do not even ask me the point of the object lesson … Continue reading

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The Knit Picker

You always knew where she was going to sit. Her pew seemed to have her name permanently engraved on it. And we blessed the person who sat in front of her. I do not remember her name but I can … Continue reading

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Inside the Fish Bowl

Would this event in my adulthood be a traumatic memory for a child? Not if I had anything to do with it! We had friends who were going to be in Boston for one month. They asked me to sit … Continue reading

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