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The Last Days of Summer

I love the lingering, last days of summer… Cool dewy mornings Gentle afternoon breeze Long shadows Shorter days Distant dusty haze Red sunsets Patches of brown grass Faint fall tint on the leaves Sweet fuzzy peaches Crisp apple pears Crowded … Continue reading

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I found this hard, dry, parched earth while doing some yard work. A thick plastic tarp had been put down to keep the weeds from growing in part of the garden. It worked. We had no weeds. But it also … Continue reading

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Looking Forward

Sometimes I want to live where Dr. Welby makes house calls, where Jessica Fletcher solves all crimes, where Andy Griffith patrols our streets, where we can meet the Fonz at the diner, where MacGyver can fix everything, and where Mr. … Continue reading

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The Old Fishing Net

It’s amazing how a photo can trigger old memories. My thoughts begin to wander. This fishing net reminds me of the hours I spent fishing with my father. We didn’t always catch anything for dinner but he caught my heart! … Continue reading

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A Crazy Critter

My parents called one day to say we had to see something very strange they had sighted from their second floor window. Their apartment overlooked the golf course with a sweeping view of the valley. We were used to seeing … Continue reading

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A Squirrel, a Jay and a Nut

The summer day was hot and David decided to stay cool on the front porch. Close by was a tall glass of sweetened iced tea and his camera. Let’s just say when David has that camera, he is considered armed and dangerous. … Continue reading

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Through the Cracks

Our side of the fence needed a lot of care… a lot of work! Getting rid of the moss and lichens would have meant scrubbing. Adding a new stain would have been nice but costly. It was sad to look at the cedar … Continue reading

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