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The Last Days of Summer

I love the lingering, last days of summer… Cool dewy mornings Gentle afternoon breeze Long shadows Shorter days Distant dusty haze Red sunsets Patches of brown grass Faint fall tint on the leaves Sweet fuzzy peaches Crisp apple pears Crowded … Continue reading

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Where Do I Take the Next Step?

I remember walking so far one time my feet were numb. At first, they had been hurting…then throbbing…then no feeling at all! But in order to get to my destination, I had to keep walking! I would look down and … Continue reading

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What If…?

My Acquaintance with Fear We lived five houses away from a canal and a very busy two lane road. Often times past my bedtime, my dad would decide we needed something from the store. Almost as soon as he left, … Continue reading

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So How Did I Get Blindsided…Again?

The day dawns and all is well. The morning sunshine floods the room and warms my heart. I hear the music of a favorite song and I begin to sing along. Even the day’s crowded schedule does not discourage me. … Continue reading

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I found this hard, dry, parched earth while doing some yard work. A thick plastic tarp had been put down to keep the weeds from growing in part of the garden. It worked. We had no weeds. But it also … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Jerusalem lately. Perhaps it’s because of the continued ¬†terrorist violence the city is experiencing. Perhaps it’s because the world’s eyes will be intently watching Israel more and more during the end times. I will … Continue reading

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A Quiet Place

It had taken longer than usual to corral a classroom of 4 year olds on to the rug for morning circle time. I had a schedule to keep! There was simply no more time for complaints about picking up toys. … Continue reading

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