I Left My Mark

Ruth FishingMy parents were so proud of our new Chevy, a two tone green ’53. It was the first new family car we had since moving from Georgia to Florida. I really thought it was mine, too!

I heard my mother calling my name in somewhat of a high pitched voice. I was in trouble! I joined her outside by our car.

“Why did you do this?” She was pointing to the back left fender which was now personalized with the name “Ruth” scratched into the new green paint. A nail could be seen nearby on the ground.

I was four and I had just learned to print my name. But follow the reasoning of a four year old here…

“Why do you think it was me? There are two other people named Ruth in church. Maybe one of them did it.” (Ruth Thomas, 60 years old, was the church secretary and Ruth Partridge, about 30 years old, was in my mother’s Bible study class.) I was amazed to think my mother did not consider it could be one of them!

I don’t remember anything else about that day but it probably included a spanking. My name remained on that fender. In fact, I can still close my eyes and see my rusted, printed mark years later!

There is no picture of the fender but you can see the victimized car and 5 year old Ruth on one of our fishing trips!

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17 Responses to I Left My Mark

  1. Roberta says:

    Your mark on the car may of lasted a long time, but not as long as the lasting marks you have made on so many peoples lives (mine included) The ‘etching’ of God’s word you put into so many young lives will be seen throughout eternity. Thank you for your faithfulness ❤


  2. Belinda Rose says:

    What a great memory! I am sure you smile about it now but not so much the day it happened!:) You are so adorable in the photo. Thank you for sharing with all of us.


  3. Oh my! When I was young I carved the name Sarah in our dining room table and I wrote it with a huge permanent marker under our coffee table (a little less visible since I got in so much trouble for the first one). I grew up wondering why I would do something so foolish and why that name…I guess I’ll never know for sure although I had a reading a few years ago and the Intuitive told me I had a fairie who had been around me since I was young and her name was Sarah and she was quite the trouble maker. I had not shared the story with her or thought of it in years at that point so perhaps she was right 🙂


  4. It would be interesting!


  5. You made me smile this morning. Ah the things we do when we are so innocent. I love the post. Did you ever own a green chevy?


  6. Four Year Olds. They are amazing. They have reached an age of reason that opens up their world, and pretty much makes them sure they have it on a string. They are hilarious, infuriating, quirky, unstoppable creatures. Your story captures them as they truly are.


  7. Ethan Billhime says:

    Was your personalized Chevy a two door or four door? My dad had a Chevy S-10, when he sold the farm he left it there, and all the kids that moved in (who could write) each wrote there name into the trucks paint, and I think I pocked up a rock and did it too! Also not sure on that.


  8. 6ftmama says:

    That car was pretty special…but not as precious as that dear, little Ruth! 🙂


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