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An Ultimate Commitment

What do John Wycliff, John Huss, William Tyndale, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jim Elliot, Graham Staines, Polycarp, and Stephen of the 1st century, all have in common? They are given the title of martyr and they are testaments of living and dying for their strong … Continue reading

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Commitment, Part 2

In this post I’ll continue my personal beliefs about commitment, my focus word for this year.  Specifically, I’ll explain my commitment educationally and professionally.  “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it … Continue reading

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Trash to Treasure

One day years before I was born, my dad was on his way home from work. There on the side of the road, on top of a trash pile, was something tall and shiny. His curiosity was piqued and he stopped … Continue reading

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My Great Grandma Driskell

My great grandmother, Martha Jane Youngblood Driskell, was born September 22, 1849 in Forsyth County, Georgia. She died January 23, 1946, only three years before I was born. But as I study her life and the events surrounding her life, … Continue reading

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Who Said She Could Say That?

One day before work I went to the store. I didn’t feel well physically, nor did I feel good about myself in general. As I looked for a new top, a woman approached me. I did not know her. But … Continue reading

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Journal vs. Blog…Why Not Both!!

Journaling The idea of keeping a journal used to bring fear to me. My mother insisted I write and that was a good thing. However, she also wanted to read my thoughts, correct misspelled words, edit, check my penmanship… I … Continue reading

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A Plethora of Paper

Yesterday I posted about the paper products we have enjoyed using during February. So as long as we’re talking paper, let’s talk about the beautiful pages I use for scrapbooking and art journaling. I love to organize the 12×12 paper … Continue reading

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