A Shocking Experience

Being the owner of his own successful tire business meant my dad had to work long hours. Six day weeks were common and many times after church on Sundays he would go check the business.

The busiest work day was Saturday. So, you can imagine our surprise when early one Saturday afternoon, Dad arrived home. He said “I feel fine. There is no problem. I just have a strong feeling I need to be home today.”

So while Mother began to mop and wax our Spanish tile floors, my dad  and I went outside to do yard work. An hour later terrifying screams sent us running into the house. Mother was standing barefoot on a damp floor. In her hands was a goose-necked lamp. Dad yelled for me to not move. He knew immediately which switch to pull to keep Mother from being electrocuted.

It turns out the lamp had some defective wiring and when combined with a damp floor, it spelled trouble. When Mother picked it up with both hands, the current completely ran through her body. As a ten year old, I knew nothing about electricity. If Dad had not been there, I would have run straight to her and both of us would have died. That experience made me realize the importance of knowing  where the switch box is and how to use it.

I am so thankful to The Lord that my Dad felt the sense of urgency to be home… the only Saturday afternoon he ever took off from work.

By the way, make sure your switch box is NOT covered by a picture or curtain. Do your children know what the switch box is and what to do in case of an emergency?

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6 Responses to A Shocking Experience

  1. Stories like this give me chills. I’ve had a few experiences like this but none quite so dangerous. Thank you for sharing it.


  2. Ethan Billhime says:

    To be honest, this reminds me of my own “Shocking Experience.” Over the Christmas break I was trying to make our old Rusty santa plane light up all the way. Already I had electrocuted myself twelve times doing lights, so I very well knew to UNPLUG good old Santa before putting Aluminum foil in the socket. (not a good idea by the way.) I finally reached my breaking point after it was still not working, late, I was frustrated, and I was either cold, or getting eaten alive by Mosquitos, can’t remember. I finally got tired of having to constantly get up and unplug old blinky, so I took that piece of aluminum foil and shoved it in the socket with my thumb…. The only thing that blasted piece of aluminum foil lit up was me! It sent such a shock through me that instead of having to push in the CFGC on the outlet, it did it itself, the entire outside light setup went dark!! Of course the first thing I here is Austin coming around the corner shouting, “What was that!?! Who turned off all of the lights!?!?” the worst part… Santa still didn’t work, even after resetting the switch.


  3. 6ftmama says:

    Thanks for another great story Ruth!


  4. Wow! How wonderful that your dad listened to his intuition and came home. My grandfather was a blacksmith and owned his own business. He was gone long hours at his shop and my memory is that he was down there every day. It was just down a little road from their house, a driveway actually, and he work all day and then come home, eat and sit in his chair in the living room for the rest of the night watching TV and reading the TV Guide.


  5. Belinda Rose says:

    What an incredible story! This is just proof there is so much more to life than the material world we see, touch and feel. Whether it be guardian angels, guides or Mom and Dad’s own intuition, your Mom’s life was spared that day!


  6. What a great story – thanks for sharing it. It is interesting how your father just felt he had to be home that day –


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