Hanging on to Memories

Spanish MossSome things begin to fade with time. But there are some memories that hang on like Spanish moss clinging to the oak trees.

And I will remember my childhood with…

Scorching hot beach sand burning my feet
Chameleons darting between the bushes
The deafening sounds of summer thunderstorms
Long, lazy hours dreaming in the porch swing
Sweet, ripe mangoes ready to be picked
Windows opened to the sounds of neighbors’ laughter
Smells of rich Cuban coffee
Clean sheets and towels drying in the sunshine
Mountains of old tires to conquer at daddy’s shop
The moon rising over the Miami skyline
Clover blossoms made into crowns and necklaces, bracelets and rings
Paper dolls with all their colorful paper dresses
Lightening bugs flashing underneath the old pecan trees
Backyard tropical flowers of every color and size

Each memory brings enough smiles for a lifetime!

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2 Responses to Hanging on to Memories

  1. Josh says:

    I suppose that’s the reason we have blogs, journals, photo albums, scrapbooks, yearbooks, and family reunions. So little of who we are is whatever we may be doing now, and it is very refreshing to review happy memories of the past. This is why it is a great tragedy when we lose our memories; it leaves us out of touch with the past.


    • How right you are, Josh! I have spent many hours lovingly creating scrapbooks and journals. I find it to be quite therapeutic, too…even when the memory is difficult.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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