Looking Forward

imageSometimes I want to live where Dr. Welby makes house calls, where Jessica Fletcher solves all crimes, where Andy Griffith patrols our streets, where we can meet the Fonz at the diner, where MacGyver can fix everything, and where Mr. Rogers welcomes us to his neighborhood! And while I am dreaming…Ronald Reagan would be President, we could watch the newest Billy Graham Crusade on television and Paul Harvey would daily tell us “the rest of the story”!! Anybody else want to go? Let’s ride the magic school bus!

What seems like perfection is only an illusion!

But one day…perhaps soon…we will be walking on streets of gold! And it won’t be a dream! And it won’t be magic! And it will last forever!

Could this be the year?

Will this be the year we have long awaited?
Will God be ready to say, “Enough!”?
Will He then look to His Son and say, “Now!”?
Will we look toward the Eastern sky and hear the trumpet sound?
Will the church be ready?

Will we be focused on Him?
Will we be caught up in the world’s turmoil?
Will Christians be fighting with other Christians?
Will the world be mocking us because of our hypocrisy?
Will the church be ready?

Will this be the year every tongue has heard?
Will this be the year we will be asked to deny Christ?
Will this be the year governments crumble?
Will this be the year the world unravels.
Will the church be ready?

Lord, as I face a new year, help me stay focused on You!
Help me stay in your Word!
Help me gain strength and courage and boldness!
Help me hunger for only You!
Lord, help me be ready!

…Penned late after the worries of the day seemed to creep past the midnight hour.


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2 Responses to Looking Forward

  1. Brandan says:

    I’d love to hop on the school bus and journey to that land. When ”the year” finally arrives and HE comes, our world will be so much better than even the magical journey you describe.

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  2. Joshua Burnett says:

    I think that even that world would be less than perfect. Most of our troubles come from out imperfections and the imperfections of others; few originate from things beyond ourselves. The best life comes from personal progression, and the worst from personal regression. Until He finally comes, it’s our job to make the world and ourselves the best that you would be.


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