A Gift of Joy


The Lord looked down one day and saw His handmaiden who was downcast and weary and hurt.

He began to speak gently into her heart. He encouraged her with words of strength.

He breathed into her a desire to be an overcomer.

He offered her a gift. He offered her a journey of JOY!

So instead of discouragement, she chose JOY.
Instead of hurt, she chose JOY.
Instead of abuse, she chose JOY.

She knew JOY because of the faithfulness of His promises.
She knew JOY because she was supported with encouragement and bathed in prayer.
She knew JOY because she could remember His constant blessings.

She learned to breathe JOY deeply even when it was only a gasp.
She learned to wear JOY even when she did not think it would fit.
She learned to think JOY when other thoughts wanted to creep in.

Others saw JOY on her face.
The world saw JOY in her confident steps.
Her husband saw JOY in the strength of her hand.
The Lord recognized His handmaiden’s JOY and smiled with pleasure.

                                                                                                           Ruth Packard

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4 Responses to A Gift of Joy

  1. Phyllis says:

    Thanks for being In tune with the mind of Jesus today! Seeking joy has been my prayer for a friend who told me today they were muddling in misery today.

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  2. Brandan says:

    Thanks for the poem. We all need more joy in our lives, and as your poem states, JOY is a choice. It is possible because of the Lord’s atonement and God’s great love for us. So today, let us yoke ourselves to HIM and choose Joy.


    • It’s not always an easy choice! Guess that’s why sometimes the Lord has to really nudge me!!

      Thanks, Brandan, for reading and posting a comment. And thanks for organizing the blog share!


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