Finding Direction

Six years ago cancer rocked my world. Two years later, I began a new journey after another traumatic experience. My heart and soul felt like a cluttered debris field. I needed clarity. I needed calm. I needed courage. My faith in The Lord reminded me to ask for His direction.

The first stop took me on an adventure with Kelly Rae Robert’s “Taking Flight” book and online motivational class. I met an amazing community of encouraging artists and writers. Loved it! But I was too frightened to share what I was creating. I did, however, discover my voice and began to blog.

The road map continued with Jennifer Lee’s online class “Right Brain, Left Brain.” I discovered a fascinating business plan but lacked the courage to implement anything. I was deluged by self-doubt and defeated by fear. I still look at my life board that lists all sorts of directions I could go and I know…one day!

I discovered the freedom of online teaching videos and began to create my art journal pages. I turned our loft into an art studio! Once again I was too frightened to share my art. Am I noticing a pattern here?

Enter a rest stop on my creative journey with a sisterhood of kindred souls all over the world who paint, write, and create. Hmmm. Here I am able to use my art and my words…and find healing.

I am reminded of the scripture, “Whatsoever your hands find to do, do it with all your might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10  I have found my courage to share something I’ve created.

Listen…it’s calm!

Look…I can see clearly now!

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2 Responses to Finding Direction

  1. Vicki Nutt says:

    Your thoughts are beautifully written. Thank you for sharing them.


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