The Old Fishing Net

photo(2)It’s amazing how a photo can trigger old memories.

My thoughts begin to wander.

This fishing net reminds me of the hours I spent fishing with my father. We didn’t always catch anything for dinner but he caught my heart! I see my father with his look of determination and patience. It stirs my memories of the ocean and I suddenly feel the salt air.

I still shudder as I remember the salmon boat excursion David and I took off the coast of Washington. Unused fishing nets were hanging on the side of the cabin. After a few hours at sea, we were caught in a storm.  I hung on to the fishing nets as we were tossed by every high wave.

The net reminds me of my boat trip on the Sea of Galilee. I can imagine the disciples mending their nets. I think about Jesus as He told the disciples to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. I laugh when I imagine their surprise to see the largest catch they had every had.

I look at the intricate design of the net and see hours of labor in the weaving and knotting. Who fashioned the wooden floats? I wonder where this particular fishing net came from and in what waters it was thrown. What fish were gathered within the cotton grid?

I love the memories and I love to imagine…just from one photograph!!

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