Searching and Seeking

photoI needed the bear book for class one day. We looked in the office and in the storage area. I even checked other classrooms! It was nowhere in the building! The children concluded the bear book must be in hibernation!

As I looked, I considered how much time I had spent searching for things in my life! Lost shoes, the lost sock, the spice in the back of the cabinet, the right color paint, missing homework paper, a pencil, car keys, my husband’s false teeth!

You read correctly! David even laughs about how many times he wraps up his dentures in a napkin and sticks them in his pocket. One time he threw them away and our son went back to the coffee shop. He silently started searching the garbage as customers watched! When he made his successful discovery, Michael raised them high in the air and said, “Found them! My dad’s dentures!” And then he calmly walked out the door.

The delighted squeal of a baby is heartwarming when mama covers and uncovers her eyes to say “peek a boo!” Baby’s first search. A few years later the toddler continues the search with “hide and seek.” One of my favorite childhood games was “I spy.” Can I confess I still enjoy the spy games and word searches?!

One of my worst memories was driving three times around the Atlanta freeway system. My dad was searching for the road he remembered 30 years earlier. You guessed it! He would not stop to ask for directions.

Our searches continue as we look for the perfect job, the perfect income, the perfect amount of money for retirement. We celebrate the search for medical cures. I long for the discovery of a cure for Parkinson’s.

Our history books are filled with searches. New lands were discovered because of the search for trade routes. New lands were discovered because of man’s search for dominance and power. The search for gold in California and Alaska forever changed the history of our country. The search for oil still continues to be a current political controversy.

Many historical searches have lasted for centuries and have been filled with intrigue and heartache. The movie industry has even capitalized on the search for the lost Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. When will that Ark ever be found?!

I can spend hours searching for a document to verify an ancestor’s residence. Finding an old map means I’ll be reaching for the magnifying glass to find more ancestry clues. I’ve learned my correct documentation will be an advantage for someone else who might be looking for a long lost ancestor.

My favorite searches reveal what God’s Word will say to me for the day. When my questions about life seem unanswered, I know opening the Bible will lead me to the best discoveries of all! Jesus searches our hearts. “The eyes of The Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him” (2 Chronicles 16:9).

I’m committed to the search. New clues. New discoveries. New adventures. New ideas. Ahhh, the thrill of the hunt!


“What we find changes who we become.” (P. Morville)

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6 Responses to Searching and Seeking

  1. LOL – love this Ruth. I can imagine you in a Sherlock hat, magnifying glass in hand, jotting down cryptic clues to be deciphered. Fun! Keep searching and keep finding!


    • Ruth Packard says:

      Thank you, Deborah! My fascination for the search was evident in a final exam I gave one time. I hid 100 Spanish vocabulary words in a crossword puzzle! I thought the students would love it. Not all shared in my excitement!


  2. SKJAM! says:

    I enjoy searching through bookstores and libraries for good (or at least interesting) books I haven’t read yet.

    I can well imagine, though, the dismay of some students at being confronted by a crossword puzzle. Some people’s minds just don’t work that way.


    • Ruth Packard says:

      You would especially love Powell’s Bookstore in downtown Portland, OR! It is the world’s largest used bookstore. Our family can get lost in there for hours!

      We ended up finishing the Spanish crossword puzzle as a class activity!

      Thank you for posting.


  3. Nancy Jambor says:

    Ruth, thanks for the reminder. I feel like I am always seeking and searching and asking questions. Isn’t it fun and empowering to be a seeker?


  4. Robin Heim says:

    Love how you tied in God’s Word on searching with your post. Ah, yes, memories. The more we share of things, of course, the better instilled they will be in our memory banks. Love you insights here.


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