A Second Dozen Random Things About Me

imageHere are a few more random things you may not know about me!

This old photograph shows a love I have had since my first piano lesson when I was seven years old. I have played for many churches for over 50 years and I’ve taught piano for 35 years.

When I was seven years old, I sent a homemade birthday card to President Eisenhower. Several weeks later I received a thank you card from the White House.

I lived in Puerto Rico for two summers.

I learned to make bound button holes in a tailoring class in High School.

I ate stewed eggplant and onions almost every day of both my pregnancies. No pickles and ice cream for me!

I like to collect cousins…especially the ones who are also researching their ancestry!!

I used to think I had a natural tan but when I moved from Florida to Texas and then to the Northwest, the tan faded. Much to my total surprise I was covered with freckles. Hundreds of them. Who knew?!

I’ve always had a dream of cross-country skiing. Now,  I think I’m too old with too much arthritis. It was a fun dream!

I have taken the Jung and Briggs Myers Typology test twice, 30 years apart. Both times I tested ISFJ (78% Introvert).

I’m a dreamer and creator, a list maker and idea collector. I have more ideas than I could ever possibly get done.

I learned to read with Dick, Jane and Spot!! They were such dear friends!! “Run, Spot, run.”

This past year I learned how to art journal. Love it! I get to tear paper, paint, sketch, stamp…and journal.


You can read my first dozen here.


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8 Responses to A Second Dozen Random Things About Me

  1. Claudia Swain says:

    I didn’t know all these things about you. But now your journal I will definitely keep up with. My niece-in-law has a blog and has been encouraging me to write one. Maybe I will. You are special, and I’m so glad we met that summer of 1966.


  2. Sue says:

    So excited to hear that you have tried art journaling, one of my favorites as well. Oh and I remember Dick and Jane too. I guess they got around.


  3. Linda Watson says:

    I swear there’s a picture somewhere of me playing the piano that looks just like that. Only, unlike you, I didn’t keep it up. I’m also a major introvert, although I can’t remember the number, and yay! for Dick, Jane and Spot.

    What a fun list!


  4. Debbie Goode says:

    How fun…..and I learned to read with Dick and Jane too. Wonder what they are up to these days? HA! Ha!


  5. Donna says:

    So enjoy all your writings!


  6. Hi Ruth! My what a list!! You’ve had quite an interesting life and you seem to be a jill-of-all-trades! We could sit and trade stories for hours, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing your list. Now, I’ve got to find your first list, too. Much love to you! 🙂 ❤


  7. The morning is zooming along and I’ve a zillion things to do so I was going to give your post a miss. So glad I decided to “read just one more.” What a refreshingly honest post. I have to say I didn’t stick with the piano playing. Hats off to you. Now as to cross country skiing – go for it. Find a flat bit of land, slap on the rentals and go. Truly. Allow your body to set the pace. “See Ruth ski. Ski Ruth ski. Fun with Ruth.” Yes – you’ve got to love Dick and Jane and Spot …


  8. Suzanne says:

    Bound button holes, I remember learning to do that as well a little more than a few years ago. The french version of “Dick, Jane and spot” that I read as a young girl was “Paul, Lise, Pompom & Fido” if I remember right the names. Loved your post… and I also say go cross-country skiing Ruth… you can do it a little at a time!! 🙂


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