When the Halls are No Longer Decked

One young friend posted on Facebook, “Christmas is over.  Now what?”

One child in my class insisted he didn’t have to be good anymore because Santa had already come.

If we were posing for post holiday photos now, we would see bags of trash, boxes of decorations, and bowls of uneaten goodies.

Where is our focus after the halls are no longer decked? Do we forget the Christ child?

What happened after Baby Jesus was born? What happened after the shepherds returned to the hillside and their herds,  after the angels no longer filled the night sky with song?

Who knew what would happen next?  We know the shepherds spread the news about Jesus’ birth. We know Mary and Joseph moved to a house and were no longer in the stable. We know the star continued to shine because the Magi were still en route.  We know they must have been determined to find Jesus because they traveled from afar, from another country in the East. We know they bowed down and worshipped Him. We know they brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Mission accomplished! Can we imagine their trip back? No albums filled with photos…but their memories would last a lifetime.

In fact, an encounter with Jesus changes a life forever!

When this past December ended, many people ceased their celebration. But we continue to sing songs of praise as the angels sang. We continue to adore the Lamb of God as the shepherds did. We continue to worship and give Him gifts as the kings did.

It’s a lifetime of celebration! In fact, it will be an eternity of celebration!


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2 Responses to When the Halls are No Longer Decked

  1. Very well said!! I didn’t have a fantastic time with this season nor the last few. And for years now I’ve donated to charities instead of giving the nieces and nephews more toys they do not respect nor play with any way. I have tried with no avail to get our families to come together for the laughter and the common goal of celebrating the season for what it started out to be not because of what it has become. Truthfully I’m glad it’s over and not looking for it to come anytime soon.


  2. Susan says:

    Christmas makes me crazy, makes me cranky because of what it’s turned into. For me it’s all about the light, the solstice, the love and light of God coming into the world. It’s not about the gifts and decorations although it always comes down to that with some people in my circle of friends and family who need that external validation instead of looking within.


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