Night Sounds

I am a collector! This means I am one who gathers things for fun. The categories in my collections include: scrapbooking, ancestry, photography, Nativity sets, teaching ideas, a myriad of categories within Pinterest…and I could continue! Several years ago, I noticed I also collect things when I cannot sleep.


Yes! I make lists in my head and here is an example.

Late one night after I realized sleep had eluded me once more, I decided to collect a mental list of all the sounds I could hear.

Bats flying through the sky
A dog barking at a late night jogger
The loud rhythmic snores from David
Fog horns on the Columbia River
(You’ll notice I grouped David’s snores with the fog horns!)
Train whistles in the distance
A neighbor revving his engine as he left for work
Rain hitting the roof of our greenhouse
The constant ticking of our old clock
(I made another mental note to get rid of the clock!)
Whir of our ceiling fan
Wind whistling through the window
Wind chimes hanging on our plum tree
My own long sigh when I realize how late it is and I am still awake!

I probably could have gone to sleep earlier but I wanted to remember my list. After turning on the light, finding my notepad and pen, writing the list, I was again awake!

What could I collect next?

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3 Responses to Night Sounds

  1. Naomi says:

    Oh, I do the very same! Except usually I can’t remember as much as you can. This is a beautiful snapshot of a moment.


  2. ann says:

    While I hate sleeplessness, I love the opportunity it provides for expressing gratitude, pondering life, and praying for our family and others. I love your creative way of dealing with sleeplessness too!


  3. I love the way you separated the sounds – often when I can’t sleep – I just hear sounds and don’t pay attention to what they are. Next time – I’ll NOT turn on the tv and listen to the world going on around me and appreciate thas it is there!


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