A Squirrel, a Jay and a Nut

Another Day, Another JayThe summer day was hot and David decided to stay cool on the front porch. Close by was a tall glass of sweetened iced tea and his camera. Let’s just say when David has that camera, he is considered armed and dangerous. He’ll get some good shots!

The Western scrub jay often can be found in his usual place in the shade of the backyard pear tree. But today he was a bit on the snoopy side. He flew,  stage right, up into our neighbor’s cedar tree giving him a good view of our front yard. His noisy call could be heard by all.

There was a sudden rustle of leaves as one bushy tailed Douglas squirrel entered stage left. The only prop in this scene was a small acorn and it was securely in her mouth.

The camera man began to make his move…slowly raising the camera to his face.

One field guide says the Douglas squirrels’ “energetic antics make them highly conspicuous.” This was especially true on this day. Four eyes (two on the porch and two in the tree) were watching as the furry little creature scurried to the middle of the yard. She looked all around and then chose the perfect spot to bury her prized acorn. She quickly ran back to the nearby brush.

Perfectly on cue, the scrub jay flew to the grass. He, too, looked around and then chose the exact spot where the treasure was buried. The raucous scolding could be heard from the brush. That did not deter the jay as he flew to another spot in the yard to bury his stolen treasure. He again flew to the top of the cedar tree.

At this point, you do not even need to refer to your playbill to know what happens in the next scene.

The squirrel’s scolding sounds intensified as she once again scurried to the treasure spot…looked around…and ran to a new spot! She buried her winter’s fare and once again, ran for the bushes!

The final scene opened with a brush of bright blue wings returning to the grass. This time the smart jay found the acorn, looked around and flew away!

I am so glad all of this was captured on film by our alert camera man…or you might think this is a children’s tale.

The cast, in order of their appearance…

Treasured Nut

Looking for the nut

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One Response to A Squirrel, a Jay and a Nut

  1. Belinda Rose says:

    Love this Ruth! A great story. It is so much fun to just relax and watch all of nature unfolding around you. The Divine Presence is always with us in all things! 🙂


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