Lois Torres: Woman of God

In memory of Lois: wife, mother, grandmother, friend, teacher, prayer warrior…Woman of God!

For years …
She stood at her classroom door and greeted the children as they entered for Bible study.

She stood at the sanctuary door and greeted the people as they entered for praise and worship.

She stood in the kitchen door and greeted those who filled their plates for potlucks and receptions.

But all that changed on June 17th when Lois Torres closed her eyes here on earth and opened them to the glory of Heaven.

This time the Teacher stood at Heaven’s door to greet her as she entered to learn from the Author himself.

This time Yeshua stood at Heaven’s gates to greet her as she entered for an eternity of praise and worship.

This time King Jesus stood at the door to greet her as she filled her plate at His Banqueting table.

Some things stand out in my memory of Lois.

Lois had such an incredible mother’s missionary heart. She beamed as she told of Lori and Yves’ ministry in Morocco and France. I know she missed them living close by…but I know she was committed to the Lord’s call on their lives.

What a proud grandma she was! She showered love and prayers on those precious grandchildren. Her excitement was contagious when she called to say Emilie would be coming from France to live with them before college!

Lois committed herself to be one of my Prayer partners for children.  When a child had a very special need or problem, I could call her and Lois immediately went to prayer for the child and the family. She would regularly come stand in the back of our children’s church to pray for the children and our service.

Lois was always the first to come into the office to ask if her curriculum order had arrived. She would leave with it clutched close in anticipation of the next three months of children’s Bible study! And when the quarter was over, she always brought me the unused supplies…neatly arranged and ready for later use!

Lois constantly came to the church to work in her classroom. She would quietly rearrange the room, create new bulletin boards and set out the activities for the coming Sunday. But one day we did not know she was still in the very large building and when we left the offices, we set the alarm. About five minutes later I received a call from Lois. I could hear alarms in the background! She first apologized for “bothering” me. Then she said, “I think I have a problem and the police might be coming!!”  Always after that, she would stop by the office to let us know she was there!

One day, Lois called to say I had really brightened her day. Since I had not even seen her, I asked how I had done that? She had been opening ballots at her job at the county voting office. One opened envelope revealed my name and she said just seeing my signature had made her happy!

After my cancer surgery, Lois came to bring food from the church. She took a look at our kitchen, now being run by my husband and our son. She shook her head and exclaimed, “Oh no! This is not acceptable. This will never do. Either you can clean it up or I can come tomorrow!!” Believe me, those guys hustled to please Lois! By the way, she stopped in the next day to see how they were doing! I often joked with her to see if she could come again!

After David’s surgery just recently, Lois brought us an entire meal, enough for a week!! And she and Rick gifted us with money to help with David’s medical expenses. Although we were going to different churches, she said, “Ruth, you’re my special sister in the Lord.”

The Lord gave our family an incredible gift when He brought Lois into our lives. How can I ever thank you enough, Lord?

Lois was always giving…always encouraging…always positive…always Godly…and now always rejoicing in His presence! She was always ministering to others…and now…she is laying her many jeweled crown at His feet!

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12 Responses to Lois Torres: Woman of God

  1. Lisa Lampkin says:

    Aunt Ruth, Such a beautiful tribute to a friend. I’m sorry for your loss. You just shared the story of her bringing a meal over with me. I knew instantly who you spoke of when I read this. You must have been very special to her as well. None of us know what a day holds. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Much love!


  2. Celina Flores says:

    Ruth- Thank you for writing this! You and Lois were both important parts of my growing up years! -Love, Celina


  3. Maribeth Healey says:

    Ruth thank you for this lovely memoir. Lois was truly a beautiful person…when I heard of her passing I knew what a great loss for everyone as she was such a beautiful person, full of Godly love. We have all been blessed to have known her.


  4. Jesse Mathews says:

    Ruth, what a great reflection on a life well spent in which impacted so many people! Lois was an incredible lady that should be modeled every day! I’m in tears bc the sadness of what her family is now dealing with but her time on earth was well lived. Thank you for sharing! – Jesse


  5. Keith & Nancie Lee says:

    Ruth, Truly wonderful words for a wonderful woman. I puddled up a couple times remembering how special Lois is as I read them. Thank you for sharing her in words. She is definitely a living example of Christ.


  6. Vaughn Mathews says:

    Your words rang true to all of us who knew Lois. I know she is enjoying the presence of The Lord, but we will all miss that smile, hug & most of all that laugh! Even though I have known many Saints through the years of Ministry, Lois stands at the top… Of course your not to far away yourself… Lois made the stress, strain, & all that goes with being a Pastor a whole lot easier. We can ALL learn from her example.
    Thank you for sharing your feelings….


  7. Toni Woodruff says:

    Lois was always such a sweetheart. Always had a smile and always thought of others first. She will be missed


  8. Peggy Davey says:


    This is such a beautiful tribute to a very special lady. You are very gifted at writing and putting into words what we feel. I got teary reading it. We all will miss Lois so much. One day we will get to see her again and get one of her big hugs.


  9. Linda Keller says:

    (Ruth, Thank you for the lovely words.)
    Dear Lois,
    Thank you, Sweetheart In Heaven,
    for your squeezy hugs
    EVERY TIME you saw me.
    Your friend and sister, Linda Keller


  10. Alice Todd says:

    What a lovely and precious Woman of God! Lois was Lola’s teacher and she just loved her! She’s in good hands! And our hearts are a little empty without her- but only for a short time more!


  11. Phyllis Burchett says:

    Your words have all the feelings I also felt for Lois. She was a wonderful example of how to be the hands, heart & feet of Jesus on a daily basis. I feel blessed to have been her friend and look forward to the day we meet again, hugging and sharing stories of our children and grandchildren again.


  12. Vicki Nutt says:

    Your words tell of how wonderful she was. A very special woman who was always there with a smile on her face. Every time we came home to visit we would attend New Life and she was there to hug my neck saying, I love and miss you. She always asked about the family and she truly cared. I’m sure when we get to heaven she will be there with a smile to greet us!


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