Through the Cracks

Through the cracks-001Our side of the fence needed a lot of care… a lot of work! Getting rid of the moss and lichens would have meant scrubbing. Adding a new stain would have been nice but costly. It was sad to look at the cedar boards once so new and fragrant. The years passed and the fence looked more dismal. I convinced myself it was good to have a rustic looking fence: quaint, not dilapidated…charming, not ram-shackled.

One summer the fence invited a new guest into our yard. Although not expected, she was a welcome visitor and she didn’t seem to mind the condition of her host. In fact, they made quite a stunning couple! We decided Madame Le Coultre could stay!

Here is what our garden book said about this beautiful Clematis.

Elegant pure white flowers with golden yellow anthers. Blooms first appear as a lightly colored cream changing to a clean, bridal-white as they mature. The foliage of Madame Le Coultre is a gorgeous shade of dark green that brings out the crisp white blooms. Very heavy flowering, blooms best from mid summer through fall. Stunning in the all white garden – especially when the garden is dimly lit,  glows under moonlit summer nights.  One of the all time best selling Clematis varieties. Originally propagated in France.

Welcome, my friend. Thank you for coming!  Bienvenue, mon ami! Je vous remercie d’tre venus.


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2 Responses to Through the Cracks

  1. Tiffany says:

    Aren’t those a treat! I love little unexpected surprises like this in life. I wish one would jump on our fence. I am thinking of starting a small crate garden or 2. One for fresh herbs and maybe some potted flowers and such. We live in a rental home and can’t make a garden in the back. Those would be a nice addition to our yard. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh my goodness – what a gorgeous surprise!


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