The Way We Were

Here are two precious photos of our wedding 40 years ago. We do not have many and most of the photos are now faded. So these are treasured memories!

Wedding poseWedding Hands




Here is some wedding day trivia:

  • I made my gown and it cost about $15.00! I still have it, but don’t you dare ask me if I can wear it now!!
  • The appliques were all hand cut from a piece of lace yardage I found. As I stitched each flower onto the satin, my dad suggested he could help me by using Elmer’s glue!
  • My adopted grandmother made my veil and headpiece. She had taught me to sew many years before. Trust me, she inspected every one of my stitches!
  • David’s tuxedo was rented. Notice how I cropped the photo? The pants delivered to him were about 2 inches too short!
  • My dad made the trellis behind us. It was placed in their garden after the wedding.
  • The ivy in my bouquet came from one I had caught a year earlier. We rooted the ivy and it grew abundantly in our backyard.
  • The Bible had been given to me by the girls in my dorm at seminary. That White Bible Ceremony is a special memory for me.
  • Most brides pray for a sunny day. Not me! There was a stained glass window behind the pastor. When the sun was shining, the rays would come through the window…blinding the wedding party and all the guests. We didn’t want everyone wearing sunglasses! The Lord answered my prayer. We had the most delightful overcast south Florida day!!

There are many more memories in our Wedding Scrapbook. Today we have been thinking about our wedding 40 years ago and lots of memories in the years after!


Be sure to read the post about my commitment to marriage.



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5 Responses to The Way We Were

  1. Michael says:

    $15 wedding dress! Wow. Thank you for sharing this. It is good to honor where we’ve been and the journey to get us to where we now are.


  2. Anna M says:

    I also made my wedding dress. As I recall (this was in 1973!) my dress material was also around $15.00 I was married in northern Wisconsin on Dec 29th. It was -35 degrees on my wedding day! Brrrr Many cars didn’t start the following morning.
    Congratulations on your 40 year marriage! I bet you have lots of stories to share. 🙂


  3. 6ftmama says:

    I love wedding stories. My wedding day was the happiest day of my life. I also loved your post about commitment to marriage. So worth it.


  4. Amy Putkonen says:

    That is a wonderful share, Ruth. Wow. 40 years. That is a grand accomplishment! I come from a sewing family too, so I can appreciate what that took to make your own gown. Fabulous. Those are the most special kinds of things for a special day.


  5. Lisa Lampkin says:

    My goodness! What treasures you have in your beautiful memories! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding memories. I have to say, you looked smashing!!! My goodness! It put a smile on my face to see a picture of the young couple. 40 years, what an accomplishment. I say that not because you made it 40 years but because you’ve done it well. You both still have joy and it shows. I look forward to celebrating 40 years of marriage. 🙂 Love you!


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