What Do You See?

Look closely at this photograph. What do you see? Are you looking through the yellow branches of a scraggly tree? Is that a mountain and misty valley in the distance?

Scotchbroom at river


No! The yellow branches actually belong to a Scotchbroom bush clinging to the side of the river bank. What appears to be a mountain on the left is actually a small rock. The misty valley is actually the water of the Cowlitz River! What appears to be a landscape shot is actually a close up!

I love taking a photograph like this one. It was not planned but the resulting shot is one of my favorites!


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12 Responses to What Do You See?

  1. Wow, when you mentioned mountain, that’s exactly what I saw until you said rock! Love this picture and the different perspectives.


    • Ruth Packard says:

      My husband didn’t believe me, so yesterday afternoon I drove him back to the spot on the river to show him!

      I am reminded of a 7th grade science teacher who used to show us back and white pictures of bushes. She really believed they showed hidden alien creatures. She would give an A to those of us who could successfully point out the creatures. I pointed them out right and left!! Was I a hypocrite? No, I used your reasoning and just believed I was looking at the bushes with a different perspective!!


  2. That is exactly what I saw… a mountain and valley off in the distance, surrounded by fog. Stunning photo. Love it Ruth.


  3. Michael says:

    Shows the importance of examining our own lives close up and at a distance, and gaining perspective and learning from both viewpoints. A stunning photograph on top of that!


    • Ruth Packard says:

      Good point, Michael, about examining our lives from different viewpoints. I wish I could have also captured what happened as I snapped the photo. A very large salmon jumped out of the water as he swam upstream. The river is swollen from the spring snow melt and the swirling currents are mesmerizing.


  4. Anna M says:

    This is a fabulous lesson in not making judgments about first impressions! I love the picture and hope to see more.


    • Ruth Packard says:

      Absolutely! Things are not always as they seem. I probably should go back to the same spot at different times of the day to see if that also makes a difference. I look forward to trying to take more photos like this!


  5. Sue says:

    So true, that we should be observant. It is a terrific photo, Ruth. Would love to see more like this


    • Ruth Packard says:

      I’ll have to share something with you, Sue. After enjoying your water colors for so long, I catch myself looking at my photo subjects and wonder how you would paint it! Someday I may just give it a try. Thank you for commenting.


  6. Naomi says:

    That is so cool! I can see both now, just as you showed us. Thanks for the eye trick!


  7. Well, I am with everyone else. I truly believed they were tree branched, mountains and fog rolling over and through the mountains. I even took my glasses off and put my face about 6 inches from the screen. LOL! Nice photo!!!


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