The Tango Toss

I cannot begin to describe the sense of freedom I had several weeks ago when I purged, threw away, trashed, excreted (am I allowed to use that verb?!!) And that was just from my Gmail inbox. I used to receive ads from several stores. Eliminated! I used to have a second email address. Gone! I used to save fun little anecdotes. Deleted!

Not to interrupt the fun, I continued throughout each room of our house. When the very large bag was filled with things to be thrown away, I celebrated. I’m sure you heard me! It’s a new dance I call the Tango Toss.

Since deep cleaning was that exhilarating, I decided to go upstairs to the craft loft and begin tossing, filing, and reorganizing. So profitable was the experience, I have renamed the loft. It is now my “Studio”! It remains to be seen if all this cleaning will make a difference in the amount of work I am able to get done! Surely it will add to my creativity!

I am reminded of a time about ten years ago. My  mother decided to clean out some of my kitchen cabinets. It was fun…for a while. She found decade old spices waaaay in the back of the top cabinet. Suddenly I was a little girl again and she was scolding me! Oops! Now I am careful to toss spices at their pull dates!

Probably the best prize for throwing away an item should have been awarded to my husband’s grandmother. Every year Uncle Paul would travel from California to Washington and Alaska to go crabbing. He would have it canned and give some as gifts to family. David’s grandmother called me one day to ask me if we liked crab. Yeah! When we went to get it, Nana said, “Oh good. I’m glad  you like it. All of these cans spoiled and I didn’t want Paul to know I still had them. So I’m giving them to you!” We graciously received the rotten crab and did the Tango Toss when we got home!!

Maybe I should try the Weeding Waltz, the Dusting Disco, the Mambo Mop…or the Laundry Limbo.  Seriously. I have to stop this and go turn on the music! Are you dancing with me?!

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5 Responses to The Tango Toss

  1. I like it! Tossing can be so very helpful both for body and soul. Glad you were able to post something. I hand entered your url because there wasn’t a link. Soon you’ll be back in the saddle.


    • Ruth Packard says:

      Thank you, Sheila. I tried six times to get the link to work! You can tell I gave up! Maybe tomorrow I will be refreshed and can figure out where I went wrong…or I could just blame it on my husband’s computer!


  2. Oh I love that term “tango toss” – now I’m inspired to dance about while giving things the heave ho. It’s definitely time for a deep Spring clean, clear and release here so I’ll have to put on my dancing shoes. What a hilarious/terrible tale about the crab. Good thing it wasn’t crab fruitcake or it’d probably still be making the rounds. 😉


  3. Ruth, I absolutely love your enthusiasm and energy you have brought to clearing, tossing and doing the Tango Toss. I love the energy you are bringing when doing a good de-cluttering. Very inspiring and fun way to approach it. 🙂


  4. Tiffany says:

    Oh goodness it really does feel good to CLEAN. I had a family member come over this weekend to stay with us to host an Advocare mixer and attend some training sessions. I had to clean out the spare bedroom which has turned into a storage room basically to make a presentable space for her to sleep, I then went on to clean the rest of the house and my husband got the urge to wash his car and clean out the garage while he was at it! I love a clean house and a chance to throw away the stuff I’ll NEVER ever use again!


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