Getting Ready for Summer

It’s finally spring here in the Northwest! I still had to scrape ice off the car windows this morning but the day has turned out to be incredible. It’s sunny with a slight breeze blowing. The trees are still in bloom. The hummingbirds are darting in our front yard.  

I look out the door and see my backyard. There are weeds everywhere. The grass is a foot deep. And the garden beds are…well, let’s just say, they need major work! I know how I’m going to spend many afternoons after work.

Can’t tell you how many weeds I used to pull in my mother’s magnificent South Florida garden! I had two main jobs: pick up the rotten mangoes (loaded with roaches) and drag away the bougainvillea clippings (loaded with thorns). So I can’t complain too much about my backyard. We do have slugs but there are neither roaches nor thorns!

Every weed thrown on the pile reminds me how nice the yard will look after a few days of work. We’ll plant flowers and vegetable seeds. One or two new colorful pieces of garden pottery will be the finishing touch! Of course, all this work is done quickly…in my dreams!

It really is fun to imagine our garden’s growth throughout the summer.  But now you know I’ll ask the inevitable question. What about my spiritual growth? I wonder how many “life” weeds need to be pulled? What thoughts or actions need to be changed? What new beneficial things do I need to “plant”?

I look forward to seeing my growth as a wife, mother, writer, teacher, and artist!

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4 Responses to Getting Ready for Summer

  1. Oh, those darn weeds. I hope you will post pictures of your garden as the summer passes. And those spiritual weeks…so many to continue to be pulled in my own life right now. I hope yours is looking a bit easier 🙂


    • Ruth Packard says:

      We’ve had several days of surprise 80 degree weather. My reasoning is that it is too hot to pull weeds by the time I get home from work!! Maybe I’ll think of a new excuse each day!! Or maybe I should have an old-fashioned garden party and ask my friends to party as they pull weeds! Ah ha…I think I’m on to something here…a real live 21st century 63 yr. old female Tom Sawyer!


  2. 6ftmama says:

    Good to read your blog again Ruth. I’ve spent the past 4 months completing my Master Gardener certification. I can appreciate the beauty and work that goes into a garden – they are special places in our lives.


    • Ruth Packard says:

      Thank you, Jennifer! I seriously have major work to do in our garden! But today I enjoyed our rare NW 80 degrees by taking photos of all the flowers in bloom. Then tonight I found a 1917 book and altered it to create a May Flower Journal. This was my first ever altered book! I should write a blog and post photos!


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