Who Does NOT Like Pizza?

If you could look through the monitor, you would see me waving my hand! I don’t like it … never have … and trust me, I’ve tried!

Before WW II, the popularity of pizza was shared by Italian immigrants in major cities such as New York and Chicago. But by the time American soldiers returned home from the war, they were seeking the foods they had discovered in the European campaigns, including Italy. Chain pizzerias suddenly were appearing in cities all over our country…including my home of Miami.

Alas, my mother considered this new delicacy too expensive to order in the restaurant. She decided she could recreate it at home for much less money. She believed she was successful and so mother’s pizza became a staple in our family’s diet. Did I mention we were not allowed to turn away the food put before us? So read her recipe to see if you can guess why I do NOT like pizza.

Mother’s Pizza
Mix enough Bisquick dough to cover a jelly roll pan.
Cover the dough with tomato paste (2 cans)
Dice 1 can of Spam and sprinkle over the dough
Dice  2 tins of sardines (in oil) and sprinkle over the dough
Spread small squares of Velveeta cheese over the sardines
Generously shake oregano over all

Bake until the crust is brown and the cheese is melted.

We rarely ate all of it. Hmmmm. Wonder why?! But to my dismay, it was refrigerated and served as leftovers the next night.

After David and I  were married, my mother announced she was preparing a special meal for us. Surely not pizza! Oh no…not pizza?!  I quietly warned my husband, he would somehow need to get it down. Unfortunately, he was soooo polite, my mother assumed he loved her pizza and that was not the last time she served it to us!

Are you going to try out this new recipe for your dinner tonight!


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8 Responses to Who Does NOT Like Pizza?

  1. Austin Billhime(your favorite twin nephew) says:

    I might, only without sardines. Maybe dad will recognize it.


    • Ruth Packard says:

      But I was not allowed to push off those sardines!! If I had to eat them, you would, too!! I guess I can be thankful that Mother didn’t add my dad’s favorite meat…pickled pigs feet!! I gag now just remembering the smell when he opened the jar.


      • Austin Billhime(your favorite twin nephew) says:

        Okay, I’ll use your creative thinking and pretend its Swedish fish. If it had pickled pigs feet I would be able to honestly say I was sick and had to eat something else.


  2. My Sicilian grandma used to make her own pizza too, and it was different from what we got from the local pizza places, but hers was BETTER. She started with her miraculous bread dough. It had almost no cheese, a very thin layer of olive oil, one of tomato sauce (also very light), and lots of onions. I think there was some kind of tinned fish mixed in there too.

    She was not a very good cook, but the things she made well were delicious, and this was definitely one of them.


  3. Ethan Billhime (Your ACTUAL favorite twin nephew) says:

    Hhhhmmmm….. I think I’ll pass on this one. Did you have a dog as a kid?


  4. Oh yum! 🙂 I think I will pass on the recipe. Poor David and you! 🙂


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