Buy Paper!

We live in the heart of paper product paradise! Our county in Washington State and the adjoining county in Oregon are the locations for lumber and paper mills. The Port of Longview has a long history of exporting lumber products.”Forest and paper products generate $200 billion in annual sales in our country.  It is also one of the nation’s leading exporters.” (

Now why would I choose to honor this major industry? It is not to recognize our many friends who work here. It is not to recognize the contribution to our county’s economy. It is not to let you know paper mills do not smell like they used to!! Are you ready for the answer?!

It is to recognize the value and my absolute love for the paper plates, paper cups, paper bowls,  napkins, and paper towels we have used in our home during February! I was soooooo tired of washing dishes. Follow my reasoning… We already pay a set garbage bill. Our water bill is determined by usage and using paper would cut the water bill. My time is  worth money and I have not enough (neither time nor money!) So….I figured that using all paper products would be a very wise move! I am physically and emotionally more rested. My mental health?  That’s better, too. I’ve been able to write and post on this blog! I’m sad February is almost over. Wonder if I could get away with my paper edict for another month?

So…buy paper!

(My husband just told me I need to be completely truthful and tell you we used plastic silverware! That’s only because our wood industry hasn’t developed paper utensils…yet!!)


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4 Responses to Buy Paper!

  1. I’m glad you found a way to make your life a bit easier and more enjoyable Ruth. While I can’t claim to be using paper products in quite the way you are, I am a paper junkie in the sense that I have a great collection of artisan papers I use in my artwork. And I’ve done my fair share of creating hand-made paper over the years – fun and sloppy work.


  2. I love it. I’m going to pick a day or two to use paper. If you follow the paper industry, you can also see where the economy is going. High quality boxes are produced to package high end products. No box orders, the economy is either stagnant or going down. Use paper and help our county. When our daughters were little there was always a ream of printer paper for art. When friends came over they said that they were only allowed one piece of paper at home. Such a silly rule. Art away on paper, with paper, and your soul grows. It got away from me just a bit, but I love paper. The feel, the look, the colors, the inexpensive way to have fun. Thanks, Ruth.


  3. Joan Packard says:

    Can you spell j-u-s-t-i-f-y? Good going!


  4. I often use paper. It is a lot quicker and my dishwasher doesn’t work well so I save time and energy this way. I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂


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