Year 2012 in Review

The year 2012 was saturated with teaching and studying. Both involved far more than one subject! And my teaching and studying required multi-tasking to the max! In January I accepted a tutorial manager position with Advantage Point, one of the “No Child Left Behind” programs. The tutoring was for grades kindergarten through 5th grades in the subjects of Reading and Math. Can I say –tons of paper work?!

In June I began teaching Pre-K students every day. Each week’s themes have been so interesting. But to keep up with each unit, I needed to research. Can I say –tons of study?!

Finding craft activities has been way too much fun. Pinterest has become a life saver. Go ahead, ask me about the life cycle of a frog, a pumpkin, hibernating animals, planets in our universe, tropical animal life… Do you know how to say “hurry up” in Hawaiian? I do!!

In order to teach Pre-K, I had to take 20+ hours of online Early Childhood Education classes. My undergraduate teaching degree and Master’s degree did not count. Go figure! And to keep this teaching position, I need 10 extra hours a year of study. Can I say – long nights?!

Let’s not stop with the tutoring and Pre-K! Let’s make it more exciting. I have also taught piano in our home in the afternoons and beginning Spanish for the Longview Parks and Rec. Can I say – calendar following is a necessity?!

In February David’s neurologist told him he was a good candidate for a brain surgery (Deep Brain Stimulation). David has had early onset Parkinson’s disease for 12 years and he is on the most medication available. The surgery can be done an hour away in Portland! Then David’s HMO, Kaiser Permanente, changed their minds and told us the surgery would have to be done in one of their hospitals in Los Angeles. Sure…take us 1000 miles away from our family and support group! We have spent this last year in an appeals process. As I type this post, we are still awaiting our final appeal. The HMO is breaking a Washington State law by making a disabled patient travel more than 35 miles away from home. Can I say – total anger and frustration with our health system?!

David never complains despite the limitations and frustrations that accompany Parkinson’s. His ever abiding trust in the Lord is evident in his life. He always has something positive to say. If you had talked with him the summer, you would have heard all about his watermelon patch. Yes, that’s right! David grew yellow-meated watermelon in the Northwest. In fact, his patch yield was 31 beautiful round striped fruit. The largest weighed in at 15 pounds!! Can I say – so proud of my husband?!

Our daughter, Miriam, continues to study for her Ph.D. at the University of Washington. The university also hired her to teach several undergraduate classes. It is so nice to have her within a couple of hours of Longview! Can I say – we have one busy daughter?!

Our son, Michael, is taking a break from his college studies and has entered the work force. He is fortunate to have found a job in today’s depressed economy. We still can’t believe this year he turned 21!! He voted in his first Presidential election and served his on first jury duty. Can I say – our son grew up too soon?!

My interests still include scrapbooking, ancestry research, and writing. This year I challenged myself to take an online marketing and motivational class taught by the amazing artist Kelly Rae Roberts. The community of friends I discovered in this class has been an incredible experience! I began painting; I began this blog site; I keep up with the class on Face Book (a social media I vowed I would never do!!) Let’s add more… My favorite Bible study author is Beth Moore. This year I was able go with a friend to a ladies study for the book of James. Can I say – there are not enough hours in the day?!

What an amazing year! There are parts I would never want to relive but I learned so much even in the difficult times! My life’s verse has been “Sit still, my daughter, and wait until you know how the matter will fall.” (Ruth 3:16) Thank you, Lord, for teaching me more about Your promises and proving Yourself faithful! Can I say – I look forward to what You have in store for the year 2013?!

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