Journal 365

Keeping a daily photo journal in 2009 was perhaps one of my favorite projects in keeping a memory alive.

Everyday I had my camera and notebook in hand. It was interesting to think about different aspects of my life that were going to be recorded. I learned alot that year about photography. I was more aware of everyday things that normally would not be considered subjects for a picture.

The original journal, designed by Becky Higgins, was a three ringed scrapbook with papers and embellishments. It was to be available for online purchase but the company had no idea they would be sold out within the first few hours! Needless to say, I was not one of the fortunate ones. But scrapbookers are a creative lot!! And not being able to have the “real” one gave me the desire to design by own! I found the perfect notebook with insert sleeves and began cutting, stamping, snapping, and writing!!

The whole concept became so popular in scrapping circles, blogs were created and the daily pictures posted online. Did I do that? NOT! It was taking me enough time to work full time, print the pictures and try to limit my journaling to one small paragraph. Did I mention this project also helped me learn more about word selection and editing!

The journal was not overwhelming enough to keep me from doing this again. I’m looking forward to another Journal 365. Will I create my own this time? No…I thought ahead I bought a ready designed journal!!

Here are three pages from my 2009 Journal. The completed album is actually quite heavy! I like my handwriting but decided to type and print every entry. That way I could keep it on my computer and then print once a week.

journal 365 journal2 journal3

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