In Memory of a Big Brother

Bobby was thirteen when I was born and he was the best brother a spoiled little girl could ever have had! His mother, Miriam Hilda Williams Lampkin, had died when he was six years old. And almost immediately, his dad, Edward Eugene, was off to war. For the next five years, Bobby was adored by two sets of doting grandparents.

His world changed again when his dad married Doyce Alline Driskell and then another change when I was born three years later. As he entered his adult years, he prefered to be called Bob… but he let his little sister still call him Bobby!

During our adult years we lived 3,000 miles apart but I knew he was only a telephone call away. He had never retired…even at almost 73. Despite his battle with colon cancer, Bobby talked about going back to work when the chemo treatments were complete…forever optomistic! He always enjoyed telling me about the newest praise and worship cd he was playing in his car.

On February 18, 2009, Bobby moved for the last time…this time with no boxes to pack! And he’s praising and worshiping the Lord firsthand in Heaven.

Bobby Gene Lampkin

April 3, 1936 – February 18, 2009

Now here are two pages I scrapbooked and journaled about Bobby and our Dad…

big brother

The dogtags on the page belonged to our dad. The journaling reads: “A dad off to war. And a son proud of his dad. This picture was copied in 2002 and added to a photo collection to appear in the WW II monument in Washington D.C.”


The letter was written 68 years ago. The journaling reads: “A loving letter sent to dad during the war. The first attempt produced ink splotches. The linen stationery was turned over and the new letter was written. Can’t you just picture a small boy painstakingly using an ink pen for such a special letter!”

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